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work experience


WGN Radio 720 Chicago | News Anchor/Reporter | 1997 - Present

Ramsey Lewis Productions | Social Media Producer | 2009 - 2022

Rivet Smart Audio | Assistant Managing Editor/Reporter | 2017 - 2021

Green Sense Radio | Executive Producer | 2010 - 2022

Plus:  Social media producer, blog/book editor, videographer, photographer, graphic design for prominent figures and organizations in music including Grammy winners Trey Gunn & Howard Levy, Robbie Fulks, the Irish Music of Chicago and Genesis at the Crossroads.


Rivet Smart Audio | Reporter/Launch Team | 2013 - 2016

Ramsey Lewis Morning Show &

Legends of Jazz with Ramsey Lewis  |  Executive Producer | 1997-2009

WGN Radio 720 Chicago | Producer | 1994-1997  



Marquette University   |   Broadcasting & Electronic Communication | 1994

there's more...

I'm a professional-level harmonica player who's played at the Grand Old Opry in Nashville, performed with Grammy-Winner Dave Alvin, performed in the orchestra for the opera The Grapes of Wrath  and recorded and played in numerous acclaimed bands and ensembles ​based in Chicago and beyond. 

I also host Harmonicast, a podcast featuring interviews with the best performers on the instrument music today.

And, I'm an ordained Dharma Teacher with the Buddhist Society for Compassionate Wisdom, a North American Buddhist Order from the Korean Zen tradition dedicated to spreading Buddhist teachings to the West. 

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